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Beware of second hand air conditioners

Dec 13, 2021

Every summer Volt Air gets a decent amount of phone calls from customers enquiring about the installation of second hand air con units.

And we completely understand why getting that air con that keeps popping up on the Facebook marketplace feed for $500 seems like a great idea to get installed it when it feels hotter inside your house than outside, your alarm is to get up to go to work is due to go off in an hour and it feels like you haven’t slept in days. Most second hand units up for sale share the following:

  1. Working fine before disconnection and removal
  2. Won’t work at all after reconnection and reinstallation or not working for long

In our experience around 20%-40% of second hand units don’t work at all after reinstallation and reconnection. The remainder of units will most likely develop some fault or flaw such as noisy fans, low gas pressure or not turning at all fairly soon after reinstallation.

We therefore do not recommend second hand air con installs as they can cost you more money and cause more headaches than having a nice brand new air con unit installed from the outset. In some sense, going with a second hand air con is like placing a bet at the roulette table; it is a gamble. And here is exactly why:

  1. Air cons have a lot of moving parts, that rely on a constant circulation of liquid chemicals, oils and gas. For the system to work properly there must a certain distribution, purity, consistency and viscosity of the gas and oils. Even very small amounts of water for example in an air con system can cause a lot of problems if not complete failure. Every reputable installer will be using a two stage pump to remove all impurities from the pipe work before gassing the system when doing a new install. Do you really think that someone removing a used air con will be going through a rigorous process to ensure that no dust, asbestos, mud, concrete etc ends up in the system they then offer for sale?
  2. Most second hand air cons for sale have already been removed from the wall so you have no way of testing whether it actually still works or not. You must take the sellers word for it which may be risky.
  3. Most second hand units are out of warranty and you therefore have no buyer protection.
  4. May end up costing more than a new install because the unit may require replacement of certain parts such as hoses, connectors, more gas and other items for a successful installation.

At Volt Air we can advise you on the right air con suited to your needs and help you avoid the potential costly mistake of buying a second hand unit. Call us today for an obligation free chat!