Get winter ready & have a heat transfer kit installed

Heat Transfer Kit

Whilst it might not yet feel like it, autumn has officially started. While the warm weather may linger around for another few more weeks, now is a great time to think about having a heat transfer kit installed in your home to avoid getting caught out freezing and feeling uncomfortable once the cold weather does eventually set in.

A heat transfer kit is used to distribute the warm air from the room your wood fire or natural gas heater is in to other areas of your house ensuring there are no more cold areas in your home and your entire house is warm and cozy during the cold months.

Some of the key benefits of a heat transfer kit are:

No need for an additional heater in your home 

Heat transfer kits essentially work on the basis of transferring heat, not wasting it. In most cases transferring warm air from the room with the heat source (most often the open living area or lounge) means there is no need to install or run another heat source in the colder room such as bedrooms. No need to have that electric blanket on high before you jump into bed or having that reverse cycle air con running in an effort to heat up your bedroom.

Excess heat is used 

Heat transfer kits are designed to distribute excess warm air which would otherwise be wasted. This is actually a very sustainable way to heat your entire home.

Cost saving and energy efficient

Because better use is being made of the heat already generated by your wood fire or gas heater, your home is more energy efficient, thus saving you money. If you have access to free fire wood, then your savings will be even more.

Already have a heat transfer kit installed in your home but this is not working as well as it used or making funny noises?

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