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Security Sensor Lighting

March is here and for us here in the southern hemisphere this signifies the start of the cooler seasons with temperatures getting lower and the days getting shorter again.

After a very long and hot summer, many people will be looking forward to the colder weather and a few rainy days (the water tanks and plants certainly will be!) but did you know that home burglary rates increase during autumn and winter? This makes sense because shorter days mean less day light which in turn means less visibility and more opportunities for burglars to hide in and around your property waiting to break in unseen.

One of the recommended ways to deter burglars is to have security lighting installed around your property (for other recommendations check out

Security lights are external automatic lights that are activated when they detect motion. They then flood the area with light making it difficult for burglars to hide and thereby increase the chances they will be spotted by a neighbour or passers-by.

In addition to providing increased security to your property, external security lights also offer the following additional benefits:


Have you ever come home in the dark, fumbling with the keys trying to figure out which key was the one for your front door again because apart from that small torch light on your mobile there were no lights? Well, we have and the struggle is real!

Sensor lights are handy in this situation. Because they detect motion they automatically turn on allowing you to easily find your keys and unlock your house door. When there is no longer any movement, the lights turn off again.

If you are having guests to your home at night, security lighting is an excellent way to ensure they make it to your front door safely and do not injure themselves on tripping hazards such as garden beds.

Low energy consumption

Because motion-activated security lights only turn on when they detect movement, they do not need a lot of electricity. Furthermore, most security lighting these days is LED which in itself consumes very little electricity.


Whilst many people opt for the traditional floodlight style sensor lights (they are the most budget-friendly option), there are more stylish options available for those who are not afraid to spend a bit of extra money on security lighting that will blend in seamlessly with their carefully designed and styled outdoor area.

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If you already have security lighting but they don’t work as well as they used, it might be time to have them changed (unfortunately, nothing lasts forever these days) or have the sensitivity of the motion detector adjusted.

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