Protect your loved ones health by getting your air conditioner cleaned and serviced regularly!

Air conditioner servicing

A common misconception we come across regularly is that air conditioners do not need cleaning. However, the truth is that dirty air conditioner units can become hazardous to your health.

To cool or heat your household, your air conditioning unit pulls air from the room, and the dust and dirt that has accumulated mixes with the air and becomes entangled in the air conditioning unit. When the air is released through the return air ducts, the dirt and dust are caught by the air filter.

Over time, the air filter becomes clogged with dirt, which can cause the air conditioning unit to lack in functionality, become noisy, leak, or develop internal frost. In addition, dirty air conditioning units can pose the following health risks:


If you have asthma or other allergies you probably want to remove as such allergenic material from your home as possible. If your air conditioning unit is dirty however, problematic materials such as dust, plant spores, pollen and pet dander are constantly circled around your house through the air conditioner. This could be making your allergies much worse.

Mould, Bacteria and Viruses

If mould is growing in your air conditioner, the spores can release toxins into the air. This has the potential to cause some serious health issues such as serious respiratory infections and throat irritation. Dirty air conditioning units can also be a breeding ground for bacteria such as Legionella which causes Legionnaires Disease a very serious respiratory illness.

Attract Vermin

Most people clean their house regularly to prevent rodents and other vermin from making themselves at home, but what about your air conditioner? Dirty units are the perfect breeding ground for pests who can sneak into your home.

Pests leave droppings and dander, and you could end up breathing this in. Rodents often carry pathogens, so their presence in your air con could make you sick even if you never come into direct contact with them.

So if your air conditioning system is dirty, you probably will also have some unwelcome and filthy house guests. You’re in for some nasty smells if they die inside your air con.

Skin problems & fatigue

Skin conditions such as eczema and rashes can be made worse through the presence of mould and mildew in the air, and not to mention that poor air quality can make you fatigued and drowsy. And who needs that when it is 40+ degrees outside?

Experts recommend having your air con professionally cleaned every 6 months (remember your air con is not just running during summer but will likely keep you nice and toasty during winter). Changing just the air filter is not enough, for the best possible indoor air quality the system needs a deep clean.

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