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Solar to suit your needs

Jan 14, 2022

Getting solar panels is a great decision because not only do solar panels help reduce the carbon footprint on the environment but a properly designed solar system has the potential to eliminate your electricity bills. How great would it be to no longer receive those pesky Synergy bills that somehow ALWAYS end up more than you budgeted for?

The key however to getting no power bills or dramatically reduced power bills is a properly custom designed system suited to YOUR specific needs and your specific energy consumption habits.

When we talk to people about solar, we keep hearing the same complaint “Oh my solar system is not working. My power bills are still so high”. When we further probe into where they acquired the system from the answer is almost always the same “some company sold it to me over the phone or over the internet. Seemed like a bargain at the time”.

The fact is that in most instances these internet or phone “bargains” are standard, of the shelf systems that are not custom designed or personalised whatsoever.

In all likelihood no one will have given any consideration to how your block is facing, whether there might be trees blocking the solar panels, how big the inverter needs to be and can be to service your electricity needs.

We have had customers where a simple application to increase the cable size from the grid to the house with Western Power then provided them with the capability to have a bigger solar system installed which is better able to service their electricity needs.

With farm properties, most of them have a dedicated transformer. What that means is that in most cases 2 inverters can be installed and panels with bigger wattages which is more suitable for a farm property than a small little 2.5kW system appropriate for a small domestic residence for example.

So when shopping for a solar system do not just be lured in by the cheapest price and the rock bottom bargain but actually do your due diligence and consider whether the company selling you the system is:

  1. Properly qualified and Clean Energy Council accredited
  2. Will they just install the system or can they help if something goes wrong with it subsequently
  3. Will the system be custom designed to suit your needs and wants
  4. Can they advise on any electrical upgrades or modifications necessary with Western Power to get the system you want and need

For an honest and open chat regarding solar, contact the team at Volt Air today to see how we can assist you with meeting your solar needs.