Renovating your kitchen? Don’t forget the electrical renovation component.

Kitchen renovation

They say the kitchen is the heart of every home and we couldn’t agree more. After all, the kitchen is the place where people connect after a long day at work, prepare delicious meals and share stories. It is no surprise then, that kitchen renovations are one of the most popular home renovation projects in Australia and also a very effective way of raising the value of your home, should you every look into selling it.

Because kitchens are high electricity usage places, it is imperative, if you are planning an upgrade or renovation to get your electrician involved in the planning and design stages to ensure you maximise functionality and safety. If the electrician is only involved as an afterthought, the work required will often be more (and therefore more costly) to try and accommodate the electrical functionality you want from your new kitchen.

We have seen it plenty of times, where for example, a new oven is bought. The customer proudly brings home their shiny new purchase only to be told by the electrician installing it, that the oven has too big of an amperage draw and the cable in the wall for the previous oven is too small to accommodate it. The customer is left disappointed because they hadn’t budgeted with a cable replacement. Please don’t let that be you and consult with your electrician beforehand.

Here are some other great reasons to get your electrician on board as soon as you decide to upgrade your kitchen:

USB Ports

With more people using their phones, tablets, laptops or other portable devices to look up recipes or even cooking tutorials online, it is important to have plenty of USB ports and powerpoints around the kitchen to ensure your device does not run out of battery during the middle of dinner preparation.


Long gone are the days of unsightly and energy inefficient fluoros lighting up kitchens. Cleverly installed lighting can be functional, stylish and create a great ambience in any kitchen. Installing well planned and thought out lights at strategic points around your kitchen can illuminate corners and bounce of cabinets in a way that will enhance the value of your kitchen to prospective future buyers.


Kitchens draw a lot of electricity and in fact some of the biggest energy consumption appliances around the house are found in the kitchen such as fridges and ovens. Bringing your electrician on board long before you commence your kitchen renovations, will ensure that you have all the power points you need around the kitchen and that the appropriate cables are in place between your switchboard and the kitchen to accommodate that new oven and rangehood.

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