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What is a Safety Switch?

Safety switches, also known as Residual Current Devices (RCDs), are electrical devices designed to quickly shut off power when they detect a leak or imbalance in the electrical circuit. This rapid response helps prevent severe electric shocks and potential electrocution, making them a vital addition to any electrical system.

In Perth Metropolitan Area, regulations regarding safety switch installation have become more stringent to ensure maximum protection for residents and businesses.

If you are searching for reliable and experienced electricians to install a new RCD safety switch in your Perth property, then look no further than Volt Air. Our team of skilled electricians is well-equipped to handle all aspects of safety switch installation, repair, and maintenance.

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Safety-Compliant RCD Installation

In WA, Safety-compliant RCD (Residual Current Devices) are important for both residential and commercial properties. We ensure that safety switches are installed in accordance with government regulations, ensuring your property is fully compliant with WA laws and regulations.

Regulations state it is mandatory to have a minimum of two RCDs installed in all existing homes before they are put up for sale or rent. At Volt Air, our team of qualified electricians will identify a suitable safety switch type for your property, adhering to electrical regulations.

Safety Switches or RCD Requirments in WA

It is now mandatory for all Perth homes to have at least two RCDs installed. Here are some other installation essentials that you must know:

For domestic/residential installations:

One RCD should protect a maximum of three circuits. If there are multiple sub-circuits, at least two RCDs must be installed. All final sub-circuits should be RCD protected.

For non-domestic/commercial installations:

Socket outlets and lighting circuits up to 32 amps require RCD protection. RCDs should be installed at the switchboard where the final sub-circuit originates, unless additional mechanical protection is provided.

At Volt Air, we ensure full compliance with these regulations and work diligently to implement them in every project.

In the Perth Metropolitan Area, Volt Air takes immense pride in its extensive experience, successfully conducting numerous RCD Safety Switch Installations and replacements. Our reputation for delivering efficient and secure services spans across both residential and commercial properties, making us the trusted choice for all RCD switch installations in Perth.

Types of RCD Installations

Single Circuit Installation: Trust our skilled electricians to install safety switches for individual circuits, ensuring enhanced electrical safety throughout your property.

Multi-Circuit Installation: For properties with multiple circuits, we offer expert RCD installations to safeguard each circuit effectively.

Complete Switchboard Upgrade: If your switchboard needs an upgrade, our team is well-equipped to handle the task, optimising your property’s electrical safety.

Specialised Installations: We cater to unique electrical setups, providing specialised safety switch installations tailored to meet specific requirements.

Testing and Compliance: Complying with safety standards is our priority. Our thorough testing procedures ensure that your RCD safety switches function flawlessly and meet all necessary regulations.

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