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Solar Systems

Solar Systems

Home or Business, Premium Products Used, Installation and Servicing of Solar Systems

As a respected & accredited solar installer, Volt Air provides a wide range of solar services.

With energy bills rising there has never been a better time to install solar. Solar panels, inverter, solar batteries and off grid systems offer exceptional returns on investment, so it is time to start saving money.

Solar Systems

Harness the power of the sun and reduce your home or business’s carbon footprint. Quality solar panels from European manufacturers.

Solar Systems

Installation of Solar Systems

Solar systems are electrical devices that convert sunlight into electricity.

They contain numerous components, including solar panels (the “top hats”), one or more inverters (which convert the direct current to alternating current), batteries, a grounding system, and safety disconnects among others.

Solar panel installation is typically performed using a roof-mounted racking system designed for the purpose. The panels themselves may be fixed in place (using bolts) or they may use torque bars to hold them down during high wind events.
System components are usually installed by specialized solar contractors, who rely on common industry tools and materials.

Volt-Air makes sure that the installation of your Solar System is done in an efficient and professional manner. Our experienced and well-trained technicians will guide you through the entire installation process and will ensure that the system is properly designed, wired, and tested.

Solar System Installations
Solar Systems

Servicing of Solar Systems

Electrical service technicians frequently encounter solar systems when they respond to service calls involving electrical problems at customers’ premises.

These problems can be dangerous, especially in homes with children and pets.

Electricity in a DC solar system is not supposed to cause a shock hazard, but there are several ways it can do so:

  • The sun “shining” on the Solar Panel(s) when they are not electrically connected to anything can make them generate electricity.
  • If there is no blocking diode in the Solar Charge Controller, then this electricity will travel to your loads.
  • If you have not earthed/grounded your solar system, it may cause electric shock when touching the metallic parts of the hardware. (Remember that an unhandled DC voltage has enough energy to kill).

Thus, it is important to find a specialist that will fix and design a safe solar system for you and your loved ones. Volt-Air is the leading company in Australia for all your solar needs. Our trusted professionals will ensure the security of your Solar System and will solve all the issues.

Western Australia is one of the best places in the country to install a solar system.

Like most of Australia, in WA electricity costs are rising, and solar installation prices have dropped significantly over the past few years.

If you are going to get a solar power system installed on your home, we suggest you contact Volt Air Electrical and we can give you options.